Follow The Muse in Lo-Fi

Recorded 2015 & 2016 in New Orleans, LA, Hudson, NY, and Philadelphia, PA onto this laptop I’m typing in right now.

All songs written, recorded & produced by Eric Sherman

Album art by Alex Guerrero, Nilo dos Santos, Natalie Woociker, and Eric Sherman

With help on Track 1 by:

Sam Sherman- Bass drum, snare drum, handclaps, brotherly love
Howe Pearson- Hi-Hat, handclaps, tape machine mechanic, FREAK
Jess Best- Vocals, ooo’s, aaah’s, freedom sounds
Destiny Toro, Natalie Woociker- Handclaps
The Pizza Club All-Stars (Timothy Taylor Beasley Esq., Ariel the Mermaid, Eensy Weensy Pizza Bwoy, Johannesburger, Johnny Suede, Jaqui Mica, Stufft Kruztz, Heather Elyse Nolan, Nat Jane Woo, Pizza Momma Melody)- Hootin’ & Hollerin’

Logan Schutts, Heather Nolan, Howe Pearson, Sam Sherman, Jess Best, The Pizza Club All Stars, Natalie Woociker, Alex Guerrero, Nilo dos Santos, and to YOU.

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