Jackie Fields – Under A Plum Tree

This project is all about friendship. I produced this with one of my oldest friends, Mr. Julian Goetz. As we get older, it’s important to us to find ways to stay connected through more than the usual rituals of seasonal phone calls and visits every now and then. We decided that a great way to continue to develop ourselves and our friendship was to make an album together. Cue the sound of lightbulbs and cashflow – Julian was generous enough to put up money to book a studio. And it wasn’t just any studio. Mr. Ted Richardson over there on Stenton Ave in Germantown took us in and really was a graceful producer and engineering presence, giving us invitation to create and follow our ideas wherever they went. Over the course of about a week, and with many friends’ help we made this for you. Hopefully we’ll be making much more in the future – friends are great, and making albums are great, and making albums with my friends is the best.


Julian Goetz: Vocals, guitar, percussion, kalimba

Eric Sherman: Drums, bass, guitar, trumpet, percussion, vocals

Logan Roth: Keyboards of all shapes & colors

Sam Friedman: Harmonica on “Got No Patience”

Niriel Laurence: Vocals on “Eden Nigun”

Seraiah Nicole: Lead vocals on “It’s So Easy”

Tor M Màrcuné: Lead vocals on “Under a Plum Tree” & background vocals on “Got No Patience” & It’s So Easy”

Louis Jack Ades – Background vocals on “Got No Patience”, “It’s So Easy”, and “Under a Plum Tree”

Album Art by Carla Melo

Mixed & Mastered by Ted Richardson

Copyright 2020 – Farmer Funk Productions

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