Songs For Work & Play

Songs For Work & Play (n) – Contemporary work songs meant to be hummed, sung, or yelled; usually while working, or celebrating in a group of 3 or more

This music is a distillation of my time farming in the Hudson Valley of New York. During that time I detected a latent funkiness amongst the people around me that I’m trying to draw out with these tunes. It’s my hope that the music gets under your skin and sticks with you as you go about your day.

This music is meant to be a contemporary take on the old tradition of work songs. Work-songing has been around as long as there’s been work to do and people to sing as they do it. More specifically, this music is meant to be a testament to the spirit of farming and of the folks among us that grow the food. It’s my feeling that this noble pursuit is most worthy of celebration. So all of you agrarians out there, this is for you. Keep on doin’ it.

Recorded 2015 in Hudson, NY

All songs composed, produced and recorded by Eric Sherman

Featuring The Hudson Valley Young Farmers’ Choir on Mother Earth & The Agrarian Crucible: Chonnie Buckles, Giavanna, Chutt Beeksman, Mikey “Skrilla” de Paolo, Del Mad, Brendan BAP Paholak, G-Funk, Sara “Two-Pat” Black, Nosh La Jestor

& Dan Wall as “The Man”

I Can See & Mother Earth mixed by Fritz Schwartz

Hands Dirty, Babe Mixed by Andy Fogliano

The Agrarian Crucible Mixed by Jared Paul


The Hudson Valley Young Farmers Choir:

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